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Quantum Energy Insight (Quantum) began with a goal of assisting industrial manufacturers in their efforts to make financially responsible process upgrade, retrofit and maintenance decisions.

We have a firm belief and track record that good decisions will always be made first by collecting Data, followed by analyzing the Information to provide Insight and then being able to take informed Action.

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Quantum has grown to be able to offer multiple services and products centered around data collection, analysis and reporting.

The products and services we offer compliment each other mainly based in the utility management sector from electricity, compressed air, steam, gas, process cooling ect.

One of Quantum strongest assets is a platform developed to easily monitor temporarily or permanently various systems deemed of interest to plant personnel.

All that data is available in near realtime through Quantum's website. Simply login from any computer through Quantum's website and see your process and KPI's from anywhere you are in the world.

On vacation but want to make sure production is humming along. No Problem! Just login and see how things are doing.

If they make a sensor for it, Quantum can monitor it!

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We work with many clients of all sizes in multiple industries. Often at any point in time we are working in Automotive, Foundry, Food & Beverage, Chemical and many others sectors.



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May 5th 2019 - Webinar Offer from Quantum

Quantum Energy Insight is pleased to invite you to an informational Webinar to provide a clear understanding of the high Global Adjustment (GA) component of your electricity bill. An insightful review of the Class B rate category (typically < 500 kW usage) and the potentially significant benefits of participation in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) Program where the Class A rate applies, will be provided.

The Webinar will also review how your electricity usage and profile impact GA costs, and will outline strategies and solutions for electricity usage management and optimization. The key considerations for ‘opting-in’ to the ICI will be outlined, and the important timelines for decisions will be reviewed.

Case studies of actual customers who have utilized Quantum Energy Insight’s solutions to achieve, maintain, and increase significant cost savings through participation in the ICI Program, will also be presented.

December 3rd 2018 - Air Flow Controller, Larger Storage Tank

A mid-sized industrial asked Quantum to optimize their air compressor system they speculated had oportunities to improve. See their realized benefits by taking informed action based on a few straightforward alterations to the system Quantum identified would offer improvement.

November 27th 2018 - Compressed Air Monitor & Target

Check out the article by Andrew Smith on Quantum's monitoring and targeting system on a real world compressed air system!

November 8th 2018 - Powering Up Durham, Save on Energy Symposium

Quantum Energy Insight presented at the 2018 event on the success of their real-time compressed air monitoring and reporting systems and illustrated how these solutions coupled with real time analytics are applied to complex compressed air systems. The capabilities and insights these systems generate enable significant cost savings through increased system efficiency, air demand reductions, and engineering system enhancements. Additionly, operational benefits are realized through operational and maintenance reporting as well as alarm/fault notifications.

This approach enabled long term system improvements, which would likely not have been achieved without in-depth real time monitoring, reporting and analytics.

Deployment of these systems have been and are supported by successful saveONenergy projects. This presentation will provided case studies to demonstrate the outcome of projects in terms of system characterization, engineering system improvements, energy cost savings, saveONenergy incentive payments, and operational and other benefits.

October 2018 - Cool Savings - Refrigeration & Chilled Water Systems Training Seminars

The two part training seminars were delivered by Andrew Smith of Quantum Energy Insight on behalf of Toronto Hydro on Oct 11th and 25th as part of the 'Cool Savings' - Refrigeration & Chilled Water Systems training seminars.

The event provided in depth refrigeration training to industry professionals to help them, in their own systems, identify metrics for determining system efficiency, reviewing primary contributors to system inefficiencies as well as system monitoring and measurement considerations of their own.

A key to the success of the training seminars was the use of Quantum's real-time cloud analytics service deployed live on a large refrigeration system. This allowed important concepts to be demonstrated to trainees in real-time and solidify key learning objectives in the presented material.


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